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Big data in News making

12 Nov , 2014  

Big Data, the word has now encapsulated the whole of the technology domain. It was once considered an essential tech adaptation only for companies making billions in turnover. When the power of analytics and data visualization joined hands together with Big data , it has now evolved into a formidable and essential value addition even for the tier two and three companies and SME’s.

Newsmaking and Big Data – Yes you heard it right !

While there are a lot of examples for the usage of Big Data Analytics in various businesses to drive insights and create opportunities, seldom have we come across the thought of implementing this new technology in the field of news making. The thought is very simple. Big data deals with a lot of data and gives us useful information out of those. In one way this is what news agencies also do. They are in the watch out for information from different sources and try to showcase it to the audience. So putting these two things together, we can easily reach to a consensus. Big data is the next BIG thing to happen to the media and news making segment.

The SOCIAL MEDIA connect

More than the fact that social media networks are a medium for large scale human netorking, there is also one more important thing happening through them. Social media can actually reflect the way of people , their thoughts, feedbacks and intentions. Corporations have already started leveraging the benefit of this, to know their customers and serve them in a better way. This potential of Social Media is seldom realized by the news makers. They are often left in the cross roads of collection and publication of news, which ofcourse is their core job. But they either miss out or purposely avoid taking into consideration the voice of their viewers. Social Media can actually replicate this for news makers wherein every viewer or reader can also be a source of news. This is easily possible, thanks to the power of Big Data.

The Ground Reality

This past few weeks I have been extensively speaking with some of the best media personalities in the country. They still strive to bring the facts of the nation to the public ears, which is obviously a great thing , but the sad part is they often neglect to engage their readers or viewers in this process. News agencies abroad have started to work towards a more open and viewer participatory news presentation process. As far as the best media houses such as Times Group, NDTV or IBN goes, the maximum they have done is to include their viewers in discussions during the primetime debate by tweeting with a particular word which is hashtagged and scrolled on thier screens. This is just a start , or to be precise just 10% or less than that of what all could be acheived with the helep of technology.

Let’s wrap it

For any business to survive, their customers need to be happy. The same way, for any news makers to survive their viewers or readers need to happy. How do you make them happy, not by showing what the editors think but by involving them and considering them in the core process of news making itself. There is still a long way to go and Indian News makers should have this thought in their minds atleast in the near future.

Deepak Chandu
( Author is Business Development Executive  @ Sesame Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

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