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Dhoni retired. How did the world react?

2 Jan , 2015  


It was battle for survival. It was an acid test of a team which is struggling on its heels to get a foot hold of some kind on the foreign soil. Yes, the Indian Test Cricket team during their Boxing Day test match at Melbourne had so many boxes to tick. Eventually all that they could do was to draw the match. The result of the game was followed by a shocker of a news. MS Dhoni quitting Test cricket for good and that too on an immediate basis. Such a sudden decision, that too in the middle of an important series raised many eye brows. Several of these eye brows took twitter to express their feelings.
For some he is always a hero, for others this was a decision which was long overdue. A few considered this as a wise decision but where annoyed with the timing of the decision while a few took long time to come to terms with this decision.
As a data loving company, we decided to do something else with these display of emotions on Twitter. We were wondering the idea of what would we see if we integrate all these emotions on to one single table. We could find so many things which were really interesting and curious.


Let’s get into some raw numbers to start with. We captured the emotions of twitteratis using three trending tags which were also used by a lot of News channels. Out of more than 15,000 tweets our engine collected and analyzed, 76.4% of users commented positively or praises Dhoni on his decision and the rest the other way. Getting into what different genders had to say, percentage of men who took Dhoni’s decision positively stood at the same 76.4% while 78.16% of women had the same say. Speaking about the Geographical Location, Mumbai seemed to be taking this decision of Dhoni less positive when compared to Delhi and Bangalore in a marginal equation.


We at Sesame Technologies are crazy about data. Our think tanks were wondering on the idea of capturing, conceptualizing and conceiving on the emotions of the people. People over here can also be inferred to as a market, consumers or customers for a product or service. Social networks which are slowly becoming the mouth piece of the modern generation is serving as a good source of data for this.
Our team has developed what we call a Sesame Data Radar, or a Sentimental Analysis Engine which can collect data from different Social Networks, run our algorithms and ideas over it and derive towards meaningful insights with high precision and spot on visualization. We believe this is a wonderful way to go down to your audience and get information on yourself, your performance and your audience’s mindset. What we simply do is record all the noise that is been made and play meaningful and situation relevant songs for our clients.


In this particular case Mahi or MSD as they call him, was the keyword of study. This could be any other news happening, a company, a product or a market study. It is always wise to anticipate but one would have to concede to the fact that “Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences”. Let us help you in this process for a better and more insightful analysis of the things which you matter.
Taking no credits out of his illustrious career, we salute Dhoni on his outstanding valor and innumerable contribution to the sport of Test cricket in India.

Dhoni retired Sesame Data Radar

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