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Why should I read news ONLINE?

20 Mar , 2015  

Digital is the way the world is going. Marketing has gone to Digital Marketing, Hiring has gone to Digital/Online Hiring and what not ? One of the oldest known habit or a way of life for the humans have been the concept of reading newspapers. Newspapers are very powerful medium, not only for spreading the happenings across the world, but also in setting the mindset of the people. Before the advent of the internet, in countries across the world , newspapers have always played an important role in determining the mindset of the public. People did not know what was really going on on the political or economic front of their country without reading a newspaper. If all the newspapers together wrote biased news about the government that is ruling the country, there was a great chance for that government to bite the dust in the next elections.

Going Digital

Today newspapers are more becoming a static object that is lying on the doorstep every morning. Ever since the discovery of the online newspaper , people have started to ignore or reduce the time being spent on the Newspaper. This is evident with the drastic reduction in the subscription of newspapers even in developing economies. Printing technologies have indeed helped publishers to reduce the cost of printing , but this has not deterred the mindset of the readers. Having said this, why should I even read a newspaper online, or how is my newspaper experience online any different from reading a physical newspaper. Well, this question is by far unanswered.

Why Digital?

Traditional newspapers have a lot of advertisement spaces and so is Digital one’s. They have the same content, color, design and almost everything. It can perhaps be even a scanned copy of the newspaper itself. So what is that the publishers are giving to the readers ? Nothing at all ! Sadly this has been the fact for sometime now.

Love your readers

One of the major advantages of online news rendering is that, it is a two way mode of communication. When we sit down and analyze the reading patterns of an user online, we can understand the most important topics of that user, the most followed or likes news event, the comments the reader is making and a lot more information. This is gold and certainly not possible with a physical newspaper. With so many information at your hand, is it not time to love your readers and start to render news of their choice?

One size does not fit all

Yes, News reading is such a dynamic phenomenon that one news does not fit all. I might be loving cricket and following news regarding cricket very closely. But a close friend of mine might not be a cricket lover or perhaps he might hate cricket. So if there is a common online opening page online for both of us, I might click in and explore more but he might just press the X.

What can be done?

Well, it time to bring in analytic practices to your online news delivering process. Delivering custom topics to users based on his/her choice is the newest of trends. Slowly you will learn more and more about the reader to an extent that , you can understand what topics would fetch the maximum eye balls and CTR’s. This makes the life of your sales team more easier and you suddenly find that your Ad revenues are increasing my many folds. So what are you waiting for ?

Deepak Chandu
( Author is Business Development Executive @ Sesame Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

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